Restaff RMW February 2015: Big icons

Restaff’s been out for a few days now at RMW. It’s my first Restaff as an actual part of the Resource Staff, instead of the Guest Contributor I was last time. It was also my first collab ever. 🙂

Without further ado, here’s my submission:


Here’s the official Restaff topic with a download link to the pack.
Be sure to check out the other resources and especially the big icons Avery, Candacis, PandaMaru and Matseb made as well. Also, Playm contributed a script to use these larger icons in VXAce.


Hilda’s Down sprites

First week of school here and still alive! At least, I hope that’s what the doctors will say. I’ve got a Health Check today (yay!), it’s been years since I had to take one from school out. Oh well, it’s free so I’m not going to complain.

To go with my recolours of Hilda here. I edited the actual sprite sheets of the second column, so go and check those out again.

The last sprite is an oldie, which can be found here. I updated her sheet and fixed some errors.


Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.

Hilda recolours

I wanted some new colour combinations for this sprite. I keep seeing black and blue everywhere, so here are some bright, fluffy colours. 🙂

Hilda5 Hilda3 Hilda4 Hilda2Hilda1Hilda6

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.

RTP enchanments

Most of these were practice sprites when I just started, but that doesn’t mean they are more useless than others. It’s funny how some of them are more appreciated than ones I worked much harder on. Anyway enjoy 😉

No additional credit, unless you count Enterbrain for the RTP.

Wempire Red Queen Lilany (2) 034-Mage02 034-Mage02 - kopie 033-Mage01 031-Cleric07048-Fairy01

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.