OC Sprites

My OC, Annuriisu the vampire-elf, in a few different outfits and myself as well (the last two):

Additional credit:
for Annuriisu casual: Sithjester, Sekai
for Annuriisu guardian and bride: Sithjester
for Annuriisu enchantress: Sithjester, Amaranth
for Annelies casual and guardian: Tana


RTP enchanments

Most of these were practice sprites when I just started, but that doesn’t mean they are more useless than others. It’s funny how some of them are more appreciated than ones I worked much harder on. Anyway enjoy 😉

No additional credit, unless you count Enterbrain for the RTP.

Wempire Red Queen Lilany (2) 034-Mage02 034-Mage02 - kopie 033-Mage01 031-Cleric07048-Fairy01

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.