Snow White’s Clothing Rack

The Disney dresses are always so beautiful. I couldn’t help, but try doing this. They’re in character format, but you can also just add them to your tileset. 🙂

SnowWhite Dresses

Normal, normal +cape, winter, this one (need url)

Autumn, autumn + cape

Additional credit goes to Sithjester, as I edited this from her sprite.

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.


Some Disney Sprites

First resources. ^^ Hope you’ll like them:

Aquata, Ariel (mermaid and pink ball gown), Cinderella (one who goes better with the XP RTP and the other truer to the official design), Snow White (after this) and Michael Darling (my first custom sprite).

Now as for the credits:
Additional credit for Aquata: Hiu
Additional credit for Ariel (mermaid): Hiu and Sithjester
Additional credit for Ariel (pink ball gown): Sithjester
Additional credit for Cinderella: Sithjester
Additional credit for Snow White: Sithjester

Also, Sithjester has some other Disney sprites as well. Toraneko has a Jasmine (Slave version).