Old Requests

I did a bunch of requests back on the old Amaranthia site. (Be sure to check the new one out, it looks awesome!)
The first ones were for Matria (there’s a final version where she has wings) and the last two were for my good friend Meroko.

Matria1.0 Matria1.1 Meroko Meroko-glasses

For the last two sprites, be sure to give credit to Sithjester too.

I’m kinda sad that there’s another bunch of sprites sitting in my folder I’m not allowed to share, even though the projects they were supposed to be in, have probably been scrapped already :/


Ariel’s new design

Like so many no doubt, I never liked Ariel’s pink dress that much. I do like her new design and so here’s her in the green park dress.


Additional credit: Sithjester

Yes, you may use this in a commercial game.

Lovely dress for Cinderelly

Hope you all like the lovely dress the mice and birds made for Cinderelly.

Cinderella pink1 Cinderella pink2

Additional credit: Sithjester

Yes, you may use this in a commercial game.

For those who have Member+ at RMW, I’ve shared some DS(+) sprites in this topic. Feel free to use them.

The remaining sisters

I finally finished them!

Alana and Attina, the remaining sisters of Ariel.

Alana Attina

Additional credit for Alana: Hiu
Additional credit for Attina: Hiu and Sithjester

Now someone make this scene

Important: Hey guys, now that I’ve finished Ariel’s family I was wondering if you guys wanted more mermaids and if so which ones (for example: knights, soldiers, vampires, etc.) Please comment below and tell me, thank you.

Snow White’s Clothing Rack

The Disney dresses are always so beautiful. I couldn’t help, but try doing this. They’re in character format, but you can also just add them to your tileset. 🙂

SnowWhite Dresses

Normal, normal +cape, winter, this one (need url)

Autumn, autumn + cape

Additional credit goes to Sithjester, as I edited this from her sprite.

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.

RTP enchantments down sprites

One of my very first posts had some simple recolours/frankensprites of the RTP and since I did Hilda’s down sprites before, I figured I should make down sprites for these as well. Minus Lilany (the green skinned witch) whose down sprite can be found here.

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.



Queen Athena sprite

Yay, a sprite that I haven’t shared on other sites yet!

I still haven’t seen The Little Mermaid III: Ariel’s Beginning, but here have Athena, Ariel’s mother. There aren’t a lot of Disney mothers on screen, there are either stepmothers or fathers, but almost never mothers. Anyway, I’m still working on Ariel’s remaing sisters Alana and Attina. I must admit I forgot about those, until I saw mlogan’s map, which had the other sisters.

Athena Athena2

Additional credit: Hiu and Sithjester

I finished her sprite and then forgot she wore a crown. So have both versions. 😀

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