Restaff RMW June 2015: Fairy Tales

So the actual theme wasn’t fairy tales for this Restaff, but “My Favourite Things”. As I love a whole bunch of things (Japan, mythology, RMXP, Disney, …) it was a pretty tough choice to make. I also did everything last minute, so I ended up working on sprites that were mostly/half finished. No (big) icons this time, as I couldn’t think of very good ones, but instead of whole bunch of sprites.

From left to right: child!Little Red Riding Hood, adult!Little Red Riding Hood, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts.
The (adult) Little Red Riding Hood sprite is based on Archeia’s portrait. The other two sprites were suggestions on RMW.

$adultRed $cheshirecat $childRed $QueenofHearts

You can download the whole pack here.

Next Restaff will be released in August 🙂 I still need to start working on my submission as always ^^;


Restaff RMW April 2015: St. Patrick and Easter

I’m very late with this, I know! But hey, better late than never right 😉

Time for another Restaff. The theme was Spring and St. Patrick’s Day, but well all of the contributors went a bit further. I myself made some more big icons, as I really enjoyed doing so last time. (And they’re pretty fast in comparison to sprites for example.) I also made one sprite, a female elf, to go with Avery’s bust.


Here’s the official Restaff topic with a download link to the pack.
Be sure to check out Avery and Hiddenone’s submission for more big icons and of course Avery’s Elvish bust.

Restaff RMW February 2015: Big icons

Restaff’s been out for a few days now at RMW. It’s my first Restaff as an actual part of the Resource Staff, instead of the Guest Contributor I was last time. It was also my first collab ever. 🙂

Without further ado, here’s my submission:


Here’s the official Restaff topic with a download link to the pack.
Be sure to check out the other resources and especially the big icons Avery, Candacis, PandaMaru and Matseb made as well. Also, Playm contributed a script to use these larger icons in VXAce.

American McGee’s Alice

Madness returns! I’ve never actually played the game though. This was a request/suggestion at RMW from Dalph. It’s just a simple edit of my Restaff Alice.


Yes, you may use this in a commercial game.


Some simple requests

Magic user Eric. You need to own VXAce to use him.


Edit and recolour of a sprite to match some Haruhi look alike picture.


Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.

Pixel Madness sprites

The new semester starts today officially, so this will no doubt cut down on my RM/sprite time again.

Anyway, since in my absense from RMW no winner was announced for the Pixel Madness (apparently that’s what the winner wanted), I’ll just post them now.

My qualifying sprite and some edits I made, as I couldn’t decide which to use at first. The second sprite’s veil is transparant and it was actually the one I send it first, but because I got critique on it (and couldn’t explain to them it was transparant, because that was against the rules) I changed it to the first when they did the retry.

$PixelMadness4$PixelMadness5$PixelMadness2 $PixelMadness6$PixelMadness3

I made it to the first round, which was Modern Heroes. I figured it’d make a female sprite, as there probably wouldn’t be a lot (and guess what ^^; there was only one other, which looked like an alien(?)).

$PixelMadness2-1 $PixelMadness2-2

Besides the VX(Ace) base, everything is custom.

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.


Alien Sprite

Just a request at RMW for a simple green alien sprite. Made one with ears and without.

Alien2 Alien2-ears

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.

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