VX(Ace) Sprites

The subtitle of this blog has been saying ‘XP and VX’ for a while now, but I just now realized I haven’t even uploaded any VX resources xD

I’m not a fan of VX/VXAce style at all, but I do like helping people out, so all these sprites are requests.

 The only VX sprite that wasn’t a request actually ^^ It’s Chloe from Chloe’s Dream Resort, a TM made by Fugazo Inc.

A sprite to go with Closet’s Herzer.

 The hat is from this site.

I’ve also added some more links to the sidebar. Do check them out ^^ Most of the new ones are in Japanese though, but the Venere-Marte site has an English option. (Anyone who makes fairytale resources instantly deserves to be on my sidebar 😀 )

I’m planning to add a coming soon page as well, for all my (sprite)work that’s in the make. Yay or nay?


Mack sprite recolours

I did these yesterday :3

Credit to Mack, no need to credit me
As per Mack’s terms of use, these ones are also allowed in not-RPG Makers programs.

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.

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