Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy whatever you celebrate!

No Restaff this month, as I didn’t make the deadline. I did however contribute for a holiday giveaway at RMW. The event’s over, but the sale is still gong on, so hurry 🙂

My contribution:



Extra stuff:




Restaff RMW June 2015: Fairy Tales

So the actual theme wasn’t fairy tales for this Restaff, but “My Favourite Things”. As I love a whole bunch of things (Japan, mythology, RMXP, Disney, …) it was a pretty tough choice to make. I also did everything last minute, so I ended up working on sprites that were mostly/half finished. No (big) icons this time, as I couldn’t think of very good ones, but instead of whole bunch of sprites.

From left to right: child!Little Red Riding Hood, adult!Little Red Riding Hood, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts.
The (adult) Little Red Riding Hood sprite is based on Archeia’s portrait. The other two sprites were suggestions on RMW.

$adultRed $cheshirecat $childRed $QueenofHearts

You can download the whole pack here.

Next Restaff will be released in August 🙂 I still need to start working on my submission as always ^^;

RTP enchantments down sprites

One of my very first posts had some simple recolours/frankensprites of the RTP and since I did Hilda’s down sprites before, I figured I should make down sprites for these as well. Minus Lilany (the green skinned witch) whose down sprite can be found here.

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.



Snow Queen

Edit: Another updated version (now with white hair)

I started working on this sprite last year (the third of January) and when I had finished only the front standing sprite, it had alreay taken me more than a hour. I didn’t start on the other poses at all until three days ago. All in all it took me around four, five hours, I think.
I really like how the sprite came out, but I’m not too sure about the hair colour. I’ve made it more blondier, because frankly it needed contrast and yet… :/

Snow Queen1Snow Queen
Additional credit to Sithjester, Toraneko and Strawberry Quartz

Also a big thank you to Avery for giving tips and such on fixing the hair! Thank you so much.

Inspired by:
This and this

Venice Sprites

…or that’s how I call them. I made these for the Be My Muse Contest at RPGMaker Web. I lost, but honestly the winners really deserved it. (Besides, I entered to improve my mapping, which it did, I think.) If you’re interested, this was my entry.

108-Civilian08 118-Civilian18 Driver1 Driver2 Driver3 Lady1 Lady4 Lady5 Lady6

There’s some noble/peasant ladies, as well as gondola drivers (but they make great sailors/pirates as well).

Yes, you may use this in a commercial game.

RTP enchanments

Most of these were practice sprites when I just started, but that doesn’t mean they are more useless than others. It’s funny how some of them are more appreciated than ones I worked much harder on. Anyway enjoy 😉

No additional credit, unless you count Enterbrain for the RTP.

Wempire Red Queen Lilany (2) 034-Mage02 034-Mage02 - kopie 033-Mage01 031-Cleric07048-Fairy01

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.