ScaREstaff RMW October 2015: Halloween Costumes

Last Halloween, I wasn’t a part of the Restaff team yet, so this was my very first ScaREstaff. Caz and Dalph had a fun battle feedback event going on and as such lots of people commented on my work ❤

Anyway, as it’s almost Halloween I decided to have our RTP heroes dress up in various costumes. The plan was to take one hero and one heroine from each maker (Ace, VX and XP; sorry 2k(3) fans) and dress them up in popular Halloween costumes. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make them all due to time restraints. (Also procrastinating.)

These are the ones who did make it: Policewoman!Ulrika, Clown!Eric, Princess!Elmer and Superheroine!Gloria.

$UlrikaPolice $UlrikaPolice-nohat $Ericclown$Ericclown2$PrincessElmer$PrincessElmer-tiaraGloriaSuperhero

(I had a costume for Aluxes and Brenda planned as well. I might make them sometime later, though I’m currently all aboard the MV train. Also no Ralph, ’cause he already has an awesome costume.)

Be sure to check out the full ScaREstaff here.

Next Restaff is December (and as always I still need to start :P) I’m not sure if there will be a special event like the last two years, but I’m assuming so.


Pixel Madness sprites

The new semester starts today officially, so this will no doubt cut down on my RM/sprite time again.

Anyway, since in my absense from RMW no winner was announced for the Pixel Madness (apparently that’s what the winner wanted), I’ll just post them now.

My qualifying sprite and some edits I made, as I couldn’t decide which to use at first. The second sprite’s veil is transparant and it was actually the one I send it first, but because I got critique on it (and couldn’t explain to them it was transparant, because that was against the rules) I changed it to the first when they did the retry.

$PixelMadness4$PixelMadness5$PixelMadness2 $PixelMadness6$PixelMadness3

I made it to the first round, which was Modern Heroes. I figured it’d make a female sprite, as there probably wouldn’t be a lot (and guess what ^^; there was only one other, which looked like an alien(?)).

$PixelMadness2-1 $PixelMadness2-2

Besides the VX(Ace) base, everything is custom.

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.