RMMV’s thingamabobs part 2

Yay, a part 2?

As you could see in part 1, I did several small tile add-ons, but sprites are still my main thing. šŸ˜‰

Nuns RougeMV


SomeĀ nuns, Little Red Riding Hood, a MVĀ child base and a battler for SF_Actor3-6, the Sweet Lolita.

You can expect some more MV thingamabobs soon, as I entered the MV Game Making Drive Divas. I’ve already made several sprite edits for my game, and I’ll share them after the GMD probably.


RTP enchantments down sprites

One of my very first posts had some simple recolours/frankensprites of the RTP and since I did Hilda’s down sprites before, I figured I should make down sprites for these as well. Minus Lilany (the green skinned witch) whose down sprite can be found here.

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.




Some nuns because the purple RTP robes make no sense to me. I’ve only ever seen the black and the blue ones.

blacknun1 blacknun2

bluenun1 bluenun2

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.

Mack sprite recolours

I did these yesterday :3

Credit to Mack, no need to credit me
As per Mack’s terms of use, these ones are also allowed in not-RPG Makers programs.

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.