RMW Restaff May 2016: Nightlife Calling

Can’t believe it’s been this long. Sorry for the wait guys. I didn’t contribute anything during the March Restaff, but I did make some sprites for the May Restaff. The theme was Nightlife and Countryside. I didn’t really have any ideas, so Scythuz suggested some waiters/bartenders. Et voilà:

Eight waiters/bartenders; four for each gender.

Thalzon made battlers based on the first row. You can find those in the Restaff download as well as many other goodies.

That’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll have more updates soon. J


Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy whatever you celebrate!

No Restaff this month, as I didn’t make the deadline. I did however contribute for a holiday giveaway at RMW. The event’s over, but the sale is still gong on, so hurry 🙂

My contribution:



Extra stuff:



Old Requests

I did a bunch of requests back on the old Amaranthia site. (Be sure to check the new one out, it looks awesome!)
The first ones were for Matria (there’s a final version where she has wings) and the last two were for my good friend Meroko.

Matria1.0 Matria1.1 Meroko Meroko-glasses

For the last two sprites, be sure to give credit to Sithjester too.

I’m kinda sad that there’s another bunch of sprites sitting in my folder I’m not allowed to share, even though the projects they were supposed to be in, have probably been scrapped already :/

RTP enchantments down sprites

One of my very first posts had some simple recolours/frankensprites of the RTP and since I did Hilda’s down sprites before, I figured I should make down sprites for these as well. Minus Lilany (the green skinned witch) whose down sprite can be found here.

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.



Some simple requests

Magic user Eric. You need to own VXAce to use him.


Edit and recolour of a sprite to match some Haruhi look alike picture.


Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.

Male fairy (also not dead)

Hey there guys, sorry I haven’t updated this in a while. That’s mainly because I lost interest in spriting/pixeling (again), but now that I’m working on my own game again, I’ve started spriting again. Hooray! I’ve only got a few things to show at the moment though.

While I was looking for fairy sprites someone mentioned they would like a male version of the RTP one. (Of course they asked that in 2006 or something ^^; )


I might add some recolours later.

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.

Old Sir Red Sprites

Haha, ok, so that didn’t work at all. Either there was no time or no wifi. T.T Anyway, here’s something old.

Sir Red is a character in my game Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?. He’s an banned knight, who adores the colour red. (Hence, he is nicknamed Sir Red.)

I’ve given him a make-over though, so I have no need for his old sprites anymore. Hope you guys will be able to use him.

Sir RedSir Red (2)

(PS: If you’re interested Sir Red is from the Danish fairytale Esben and the Witch)

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