Mermaid Knights

As I mentioned when I finished Ariel’s sisters, I was looking for some suggestion on which mermaids you’d like to see. I got some (thanks for those), but I went for the one I’d always wanted to make (and had suggested myself). Mermaid Knights 😀 I kinda was inspired by Valkyrie when I made these. (I wonder if it shows?)

merknight1 merknight1-1  merknight2merknight1-2

Hair is from Strawberry Quartz and tails from Hiu


Old Sir Red Sprites

Haha, ok, so that didn’t work at all. Either there was no time or no wifi. T.T Anyway, here’s something old.

Sir Red is a character in my game Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?. He’s an banned knight, who adores the colour red. (Hence, he is nicknamed Sir Red.)

I’ve given him a make-over though, so I have no need for his old sprites anymore. Hope you guys will be able to use him.

Sir RedSir Red (2)

(PS: If you’re interested Sir Red is from the Danish fairytale Esben and the Witch)

NPC Knights

So first off, sorry for the late update. I was busy with Pixel Madness (but I lost, so that’s dealt with, I suppose) and the Game Making Drive (this week is the last week I think). Anyway, I’ve got a few new sprites to share, so look forward to it! ^^ I’ll be sharing my PM sprites, when the contest is over, so that’s still a few weeks sorry ^^;

I’ve made several knights for my Rose Castle. Also, this is an interesting read on the medieval era (or what’s important to it for games).


Yes, you may use these in commercial games.

And here’s a preview to what I’m working on right now:

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