RPG Maker

I’m pretty new to the RM genre, in comparison to others; I’ve only been using it for three years now. I remember I discovered the software through the Aveyond games. You can find  a section called game makers at the official Amaranth site; there used to be only a few and RPG Maker XP was one of them and I’ve since then been using RMXP to (try and) make my own games.

What I love about the program is that it’s a way of telling a story that otherwise would have been locked up, to try out unlikely plots and see if it’s worth something. I also adore the RTP XP graphics; it’s because of RMXP that I’ve started to learn how to pixel, as well as try and study Ruby. It’s taught me a lot actually, mostly about myself though. It’s also a very good planning exercise in my opinion, as a plan is definitely needed if you are serious about finishing a game. What I’m trying to say is that you get more out of it then just a game people can enjoy and that it’s an experience I recommend to everyone.

As a little something to go with the text here, there’s one new sprite! This time it’s Disney’s Prince Charming (or Cinderella’s Prince). People seemed to disagree on what colour his hair is. In the original he certainly has black hair, but in the sequels that follow it’s more dark brown, so I’ve done both.

Additional credit (as always) goes to the wonderful Sithjester.
So let’s get started to Make Your Own Game today!


Starting up for the New Year

Well, hi! Thanks for visiting this blog.

I’ve been spriting for a year now (though I’ve just started learning custom spriting) and I felt like sharing some resources I’ve made over the year. Hopefully, you’ll find them good to use. If you have trouble with using them, please tell me so and I’ll fix the image.

As stated above, I’ve only now started custom spriting, which means most sprites here are either recolours or frankensprites. I’ll be giving credit where needed (which means if you don’t see anything stated, everything was made using the RTP) and I expect you to do too. I also want you to give credit to me for the resources here, unless stated otherwise. Credit me as ‘Slim’ or ‘slimmmeiske2’ 😉

I don’t take requests at the moment. I’ve got my hands full already. ^^