Ariel’s new design

Like so many no doubt, I never liked Ariel’s pink dress that much. I do like her new design and so here’s her in the green park dress.


Additional credit: Sithjester

Yes, you may use this in a commercial game.


Lovely dress for Cinderelly

Hope you all like the lovely dress the mice and birds made for Cinderelly.

Cinderella pink1 Cinderella pink2

Additional credit: Sithjester

Yes, you may use this in a commercial game.

For those who have Member+ at RMW, I’ve shared some DS(+) sprites in this topic. Feel free to use them.

The remaining sisters

I finally finished them!

Alana and Attina, the remaining sisters of Ariel.

Alana Attina

Additional credit for Alana: Hiu
Additional credit for Attina: Hiu and Sithjester

Now someone make this scene

Important: Hey guys, now that I’ve finished Ariel’s family I was wondering if you guys wanted more mermaids and if so which ones (for example: knights, soldiers, vampires, etc.) Please comment below and tell me, thank you.

Disney’s Melody

Melody, Ariel’s daughter, from The Little Mermaid II, which I did see.

Melodymermaid Melody underwear

Additional credit for the mermaid tail: Hiu

Cinderelly Cinderelly

After watching the movie again, I noticed that the original hair colour was different from the golden blond, Disney is drawing these days. So I wanted to include the original hair colour in case people prefered that one over the new one.

Cinderellapeasant1 Cinderellapeasant1-1

Cinderellapeasant2 Cinderellapeasant2-1

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.

As we are speaking, the mice and birds are hard at work to make Cinderella’s pink dress.


Snow White’s Clothing Rack

The Disney dresses are always so beautiful. I couldn’t help, but try doing this. They’re in character format, but you can also just add them to your tileset. 🙂

SnowWhite Dresses

Normal, normal +cape, winter, this one (need url)

Autumn, autumn + cape

Additional credit goes to Sithjester, as I edited this from her sprite.

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.

Queen Athena sprite

Yay, a sprite that I haven’t shared on other sites yet!

I still haven’t seen The Little Mermaid III: Ariel’s Beginning, but here have Athena, Ariel’s mother. There aren’t a lot of Disney mothers on screen, there are either stepmothers or fathers, but almost never mothers. Anyway, I’m still working on Ariel’s remaing sisters Alana and Attina. I must admit I forgot about those, until I saw mlogan’s map, which had the other sisters.

Athena Athena2

Additional credit: Hiu and Sithjester

I finished her sprite and then forgot she wore a crown. So have both versions. 😀

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