RMMV’s thingamabobs part 2

Yay, a part 2?

As you could see in part 1, I did several small tile add-ons, but sprites are still my main thing. 😉

Nuns RougeMV


Some nuns, Little Red Riding Hood, a MV child base and a battler for SF_Actor3-6, the Sweet Lolita.

You can expect some more MV thingamabobs soon, as I entered the MV Game Making Drive Divas. I’ve already made several sprite edits for my game, and I’ll share them after the GMD probably.


Two Gaia Battlers

You know Gaia Online? A site called TekTek has a Gaia Dollmaker. It has incredibly lots of options, adding some new stuff every time. I’ve also thought it nifty to use them as battlers, so I’ve made two for RTP sprites.

There is no real need to credit me, but it’s always appreciated 😉 Be sure to credit Gaia Online/TekTek though ^^

(Yes, the items in their hands are their weapons, I’ll upload versions without those as well later on.)