Restaff RMW August 2015: Princesses on Parade

First of all, I’m so sorry it took so long to update this blog. Life got really busy the last few months. Everything’s died down (for the moment) and now that I’m making some resources for the new RPG Maker MV, I figured it was time to finally update my blog.

August was a collaborative effort between me and Avery. We decided to make Princesses based on several Restaffers’ countries. As such, there’s princess Belgium, Germany, the Phillippines, USA and UK.

$PrincessBelgica  $PrincessGermania  $PrincessAngelina$PrincessAmericana$PrincessFilippina

I also made an Ace version of my Snow Queen sprite and Avery was kind enough to make a portrait of her.


Be sure to download the whole Restaff here for Avery’s portraits to go with the Princesses, as well as the awesome stuff from the other Restaffers.

Next up is ScaREstaff, which is already out on RMW. You can still give feedback and be knighted(?) by Caz. Another blog post with my ScaREstaff resources will follow soon 🙂


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