Disney’s Melody

Melody, Ariel’s daughter, from The Little Mermaid II, which I did see.

Melodymermaid Melody underwear

Additional credit for the mermaid tail: Hiu


Cinderelly Cinderelly

After watching the movie again, I noticed that the original hair colour was different from the golden blond, Disney is drawing these days. So I wanted to include the original hair colour in case people prefered that one over the new one.

Cinderellapeasant1 Cinderellapeasant1-1

Cinderellapeasant2 Cinderellapeasant2-1

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.

As we are speaking, the mice and birds are hard at work to make Cinderella’s pink dress.


Restaff RMW May 2014: Alice in Wonderland

I’m very excited to say my Restaff submission got accepted at RMW. I’m sorry it took so long to post it, there were some technical difficulties with the pack.

My submission contains adult and child Alice (with poses) and adult and child Dinah (cat).

Here’s the preview video for the whole Restaff (my submission starts at 3:56):

Here’s the official Restaff topic with a download link to the pack.

Here’s the Restaff topic that includes the Alice portrait.

For your convenience, spritesheet now available:
Upper row: kid!Alice, adult!Alice, kitten!Dinah, cat!Dinah
Down row: kid!Alice behaviours (down, skipping, bowing, playing with kitten!Dinah), adult!Alice behaviours (down, bowing, thinking, waking)