Snow Queen

Edit: Another updated version (now with white hair)

I started working on this sprite last year (the third of January) and when I had finished only the front standing sprite, it had alreay taken me more than a hour. I didn’t start on the other poses at all until three days ago. All in all it took me around four, five hours, I think.
I really like how the sprite came out, but I’m not too sure about the hair colour. I’ve made it more blondier, because frankly it needed contrast and yet… :/

Snow Queen1Snow Queen
Additional credit to Sithjester, Toraneko and Strawberry Quartz

Also a big thank you to Avery for giving tips and such on fixing the hair! Thank you so much.

Inspired by:
This and this


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. CandyMargi
    May 01, 2013 @ 11:11:56

    The one with the blonde hair looks way younger 🙂


  2. CandyMargi
    May 04, 2013 @ 09:14:02

    Well, I wonder if the skin tone plays a big role. I mean, will she look older or younger with most pale skin? What do you think?


    • slimmmeiske2
      May 04, 2013 @ 11:26:55

      She’d look healthier, but not really younger or older. If you want her to look older, editing the eyes to be smaller and adding a few wrinkle lines near her mouth and/or eyes, should do the trick. At least, that’s what the XP RTP does for old people.


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