Mack sprite recolours

I did these yesterday :3

Credit to Mack, no need to credit me
As per Mack’s terms of use, these ones are also allowed in not-RPG Makers programs.

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.


Bluebeard sprites

Just two this time :3
Bluebeard and his eight wife:

Additional credit for Bluebeard: Sithjester

Two Gaia Battlers

You know Gaia Online? A site called TekTek has a Gaia Dollmaker. It has incredibly lots of options, adding some new stuff every time. I’ve also thought it nifty to use them as battlers, so I’ve made two for RTP sprites.

There is no real need to credit me, but it’s always appreciated 😉 Be sure to credit Gaia Online/TekTek though ^^

(Yes, the items in their hands are their weapons, I’ll upload versions without those as well later on.)

RTP enchanments

Most of these were practice sprites when I just started, but that doesn’t mean they are more useless than others. It’s funny how some of them are more appreciated than ones I worked much harder on. Anyway enjoy 😉

No additional credit, unless you count Enterbrain for the RTP.

Wempire Red Queen Lilany (2) 034-Mage02 034-Mage02 - kopie 033-Mage01 031-Cleric07048-Fairy01

Yes, you may use these in a commercial game.

Some Disney Sprites

First resources. ^^ Hope you’ll like them:

Aquata, Ariel (mermaid and pink ball gown), Cinderella (one who goes better with the XP RTP and the other truer to the official design), Snow White (after this) and Michael Darling (my first custom sprite).

Now as for the credits:
Additional credit for Aquata: Hiu
Additional credit for Ariel (mermaid): Hiu and Sithjester
Additional credit for Ariel (pink ball gown): Sithjester
Additional credit for Cinderella: Sithjester
Additional credit for Snow White: Sithjester

Also, Sithjester has some other Disney sprites as well. Toraneko has a Jasmine (Slave version).

Starting up for the New Year

Well, hi! Thanks for visiting this blog.

I’ve been spriting for a year now (though I’ve just started learning custom spriting) and I felt like sharing some resources I’ve made over the year. Hopefully, you’ll find them good to use. If you have trouble with using them, please tell me so and I’ll fix the image.

As stated above, I’ve only now started custom spriting, which means most sprites here are either recolours or frankensprites. I’ll be giving credit where needed (which means if you don’t see anything stated, everything was made using the RTP) and I expect you to do too. I also want you to give credit to me for the resources here, unless stated otherwise. Credit me as ‘Slim’ or ‘slimmmeiske2’ 😉

I don’t take requests at the moment. I’ve got my hands full already. ^^