ScaREstaff October 2018

The most fun time of the year came, when Restaff became ScaREstaff. One of the many theme suggestions was dark fairytales, which I obviously went for. I decided to start with Alice in Wonderland and see if I could do more (the answer was no).

You can download the pack here.

Included in my submission: 8 different normal Alices (including dark Alice) + 16 shadow versions, 8 faceless, 8 long-necked; 8 different Queen of Hearts (including Queen Alice) + angry versions, headless and bigger versions.

Alice’s design was inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice, Disney’s Alice and the drawings from Nursery Alice.
Queen of Hearts’ design was inspired by Disney’s Queen of Hearts, the drawings from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and actual Queen of Hearts card.


RMW Restaff Golden Week 2018

The theme of April was Golden Week/Japan. So obviously I went with Japanese fairytales.

Included in my submission: Kintarou the Golden Boy (two versions + axe wielding animation), a grown Issun-boshi and the floating peach from Momotarou.

You can download the pack with my resources here.

I keep a list of suggestions I get, so feel free to suggest something 🙂

RMW Restaff 28th Birthday (February 2018)

Did you know RPG Maker celebrated its 28th birthday in February this year? (It’s older than I am :o)

To celebrate Restaff got together again after a long hiatus and made all kinds of awesome resources. You can download the pack here.

Included in my submission: Tuxedos and gala dresses.

RMW Restaff May 2016: Nightlife Calling

Can’t believe it’s been this long. Sorry for the wait guys. I didn’t contribute anything during the March Restaff, but I did make some sprites for the May Restaff. The theme was Nightlife and Countryside. I didn’t really have any ideas, so Scythuz suggested some waiters/bartenders. Et voilà:

Eight waiters/bartenders; four for each gender.

Thalzon made battlers based on the first row. You can find those in the Restaff download as well as many other goodies.

That’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll have more updates soon. J

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy whatever you celebrate!

No Restaff this month, as I didn’t make the deadline. I did however contribute for a holiday giveaway at RMW. The event’s over, but the sale is still gong on, so hurry 🙂

My contribution:



Extra stuff:



RMMV’s thingamabobs part 2

Yay, a part 2?

As you could see in part 1, I did several small tile add-ons, but sprites are still my main thing. 😉

Nuns RougeMV


Some nuns, Little Red Riding Hood, a MV child base and a battler for SF_Actor3-6, the Sweet Lolita.

You can expect some more MV thingamabobs soon, as I entered the MV Game Making Drive Divas. I’ve already made several sprite edits for my game, and I’ll share them after the GMD probably.

RMMV’s thingamabobs

I preordered RMMV on day 1 even though I was still on the fence about it. Let’s just say that I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep myself from playing the MV resources, so I decided to go the cheap road and preorder. 😀

Since there was a Good vs Evil event going on at RMW, I decided to practice mapping in MV and submit those for the event. However, I noticed there was quite a lack of several things I needed for my maps, so I’ve started editing some tiles.

As everything’s pretty random thingamabobs sounded like a perfect way to describe it.

Frames    paintingscollection paintingscollection2 paintingscollection3


(Empty frames, paintings, large candlesticks, smaller throne, bench)

I also made an animated version of the candlesticks on request:


Remember to put a ! and $ in front of the file name.

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